September Harvests

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Our very overgrown vegetable and flower garden ❤
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Teddy Sunflower and Bachelor Buttons

Oh September!

Come and gone, but not for long.

It’s the first of October and I am sitting on the cold, bathroom floor.  Petey, the orange tabby is curled up beside me in a little nest.  This morning, we made an emergency vet call because we were convinced that our orange companion, Petey, had a UTI or FLUTD.  All vets are closed on Sundays on PEI, hence the emergency visit.  He had a shot of antibiotics, pain medication and has been put on a special diet.  I feel the need to sit with him for the day and monitor him – check on his pee and simply let him know that he has someone here with him.  I do love him and hate to think of him in any kind of distress.  The vet did tell us that it was caught early enough that he will make a full recover – but still, poor Petey!!!  Regardless, I am still worried about him 😦

And so, I am taking this bathroom time with a sleeping Petey to share with you the harvesting photos that I took over the month of September.  I actually wrote much of this blog post last week so it may seem a little disjointed from my sweet cat, Petey.

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Picking Heirloom Tomatoes 🙂

My love for this earth bursts during this golden cast month.  The mornings and evenings are cool while the afternoons are drenched in a favourable heat.  I rejoice, knowing that the tomatoes on the vine will ripen and our pumpkins are finally swelling with each setting sun (in this case, in a tree).  The tips of the maples are painted ruby red and the mossy forest floor is sprouting F U N G I !

In all Mother Earth’s beauty, I have been busy harvesting from our gardens.  Organic food is so perishable that I have been hopping right on preserving.  Jams, relishes, pickles or simply freezing.  I grew up on a 2 acre property with a very large organic garden and was so accustomed to preserved food that I really feel like it’s a natural part of life.  Sometimes, I feel like I am a 20 something year old who is meant to be a crone, living tucked away and dabbling in spinning a handmade home (refraining from turning my neighbours milk sour or destroying crops, of course).

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The Pumpkin plant that grew from the compost!  Last year, we put our halloween pumpkins in the compost and in return, received an incredibly healthy plant with many pumpkins! These are still growing – though still green.
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The plant is so healthy that it actually attached itself to the apple tree by the compost!  The tree is suspending some very healthy looking pumpkins 😀

The days, grow colder and colder and I am anticipating the deep, dark.  We have had a steady harvest of beans, squash, tomatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers and a multitude of herbs!  Our small freezer is already packed full of stewed tomatoes, blanched beans and foraged berries (we need to invest in a deep freeze!).  All of this food is coming from a relatively small patch of land.  We live on a 1.25 acre plot, most of which is wooded, and the total area used for gardening is VERY small!  To this point, I have done all of the gardening on my own, with just a shovel and a rake.  Perhaps I should delve more into how, but it’s just so simple and very, very rewarding!  Not only in the basic fact that you’re not paying for food but in the whole process of watching a plant grow, flower and produce fruit.  In a season, you over see the cycle of life which ultimately nourishes your body and soul  >.<

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Straw we have been collecting for the chicken coop and garlic beds.  Dorothy knows what’s up.
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A little corner garden, some slugs got to some of my tomato plants this year so I saw them as a sacrifice to the slug gods …. makes perfect sense.
Using my shirt to bring home apples from an old, twisted tree.  Our very kind neighbours told us that the tree that we have been visiting is an old variety called “Alexander & Wheatley.”  I found information on Alexander trees but nothing on “Alexander & Wheatley”  I imagine perhaps it’s what they were called on Prince Edward Island 😀
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Potato harvest and hand knit fingerless mitts.  I planted these potatoes last March/April using cuttings from our bag of PEI russet potatoes (We love our potatoes :D)
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Black turtle Beans!  I have slowly been shelling these and placing them on a screen – hopefully we will have enough to have a couple meals of delicious refried beans but next year I have grand plans for more turtle beans.
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The Onions, we only harvested maybe 2 dozen but I assure you my eyes well up from these fresh onions
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Stewing our Tomatoes – We grew a couple different varieties this year, including Mennonite Orange Beefsteak, Purple Cherokee, Alaska Tomatoes and German Johnson!
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Juice from our Veggies and Herbs 😀  The colour comes from those lovely beets
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Dearest Petey ❤ Pumpkins have very tough skins – this white pumpkin is actually from last year! The plant is a rosemary that my mom gave me.  I am going to over winter her and put her out next spring.
Making apple jam from forages apples
Checking on the tomatoes, I suppose!
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Heritage Tomatoes!  – Aside from eating them regularly with meals – I’ve been stewing and freezing them so we don’t have to purchase canned stewed tomatoes
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This one has been eating tomatoes as well… a small bounty and my favourite flower -foxglove (digitalis)
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Acorn Squash
Kitchen magic – I used the skins and cores to make some apple cider vinegar
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Butternut Squash!  My absolute favourite 😀
This pumpkin is growing suspended from an apple tree!  We have a very large plant growing from the compost which has flown right into a tree and now hosts numerous small pumpkins.  I love it!
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starting to fill the pantry in the cold room! We only had 2 jars left from last year so thank goodness the earth provides!

This evening, as I sit with Petey, Jamie is making Veggie Burgers using bulgar and plenty of kale from the garden. Roasting rutabaga and beets.  I’ll likely come back in here to keep Petey company afterwards (we need to keep him from roaming because his infection makes him pee outside of the litter box, we don’t want him playing with the other cats and his food is separate from hugo & Pangurs).

This morning when we drove out to our vet clinic, we passed by the new Amish farms here on PEI.  They are stunning – beautiful handmade homes and barns and gardens, arg!  I gush over them every time!  We took a different route home and passed by their freshly built, one room school house.

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sunroom, strawflowers and afternoon light


I am currently listening to one of my favourite musical groups – Boards of Canada  They help me go into a meditative state when I’m writing or making art (and wondering how I actually provided the video in my last blog post…. WordPress evades me ). Reading Issue # 5 of the graphic novel Sweet Tooth (it’s super if you like apocalyptic stories) and hoping to do an Amazon order to get Dina’s Book by Herbjørg Wassmo and The Good People by Hannah Kent 😀   All of this while sitting on the bathroom floor, drinking a glass of wine while Petey rests.

Happy October, I very much hope your cupboards are full and your appetite for books and nature and art is being quenched in some way or another.   It’s time for our veggie burgers ❤  Goodnight to you all!

Egon Schiele “Sunflower,” 1909.







April Gardening Pt. 1 & other ramblings of a fae folk

gardening and knitting 😀  


Well, the pink moon has passed but any opportunity to quote Nick Drake 🙂

The weather is WARM and the sun has been gracing us with his presence!  I am happy, so incredibly happy.  A little sun burnt and exhausted but so full of the cleansing, full happiness that fresh air and manual labour brings.  I’m back to communing with the land, with roots and branches, robins and bluejays.  April is a muddy and plan brown (or red on PEI), drab time of year here, but as soon as you get outside and take a wee closer look at the earth, the trees the colours of life on this green earth are just abounding.

The work on our 1.25 acre is endless.  Especially since our plans include using every inch of space for flower, vegetable and herb gardens, animals and trees.   We have a huge checklist which includes new gardens, a ton of raking, preparing wood for next winter, tending to our forest (really a small wood but the forest just sounds so much more majestic ;)), mulching, digging, burning, felling trees (I’m starting to sound a little destructive but it’s all part of the process!).

This week has been g l o r i o u s.  I completely disconnected from instagram and feel as free as a bird by just removing myself from social media.  The earth is speaking to all of us, if we listen and work with her.

At this time of year, we are not even touching vegetable gardens because the earth is too damp to turn. So, it’s mainly raking, woodland, and clearing up flower gardens.  I even started to plant some chestnuts that have sprouted in our basement.  I hope you enjoy the photos of our work and can not WAIT to show you the contrast of now and a couple of months!

Found while digging in a garden! Folklore tells us that nailing an iron horseshoe above your door/barn door will keep the fairies at bay.  Fairies detest metal and were notorious for interfering with livestock and crops – you still see remnants of this tradition 😀  It also translated over to holding your luck (I think originally because it protected you from fairies) however if you hand it upside down, your luck will dribble away from you : (
Clearing out the rose bushes and plotting stones for a fairy garden in the front of the house – Not much colour at the moment! I started to mulch the roses with decomposing stumps and lining this garden with mossy logs and branches.
Flora Helping out!
Among the rose bushes – offerings from our beach walks to the elemental beings that inhabit the earth
A friend of mine gave me this really cute, vintage garden gnome!  I’m so excited to finally give him a home in the garden ❤
I see growth on this rhubarb plant!  My mom brought these over last year from her garden –  I love having a family connection to plants as well as a earthly entity connection (I guess we are all one big family afterall)


One of our raised beds that I wattled last year – Not a lot going on in this part of the garden until late May so I’m leaving the cover of leaves on there
Rosebuds ❤
sprouted chestnuts I collected last fall – to be planted in the woods!
The Forest literally looks like a tornado lingered there for a little bit – weedy like trees are trying to choke out our maple and trees and branches down everywhere!  On a good day, we have a long day of burning down what we can’t salvage (which is still a lot!) – the process of turning the woodland into a shangri-la will take years but it will be SO worth it – benefiting the soil, animals, insects and humble humans
We have been making baked potatoes in the coals of our bush burns – salt, pepper, butter and a potato from down the road – delicious!


And on the indoor front – it’s getting a little wild!  The plants are shooting up and need daily care.  The tomatoes are strong and the herbs already fragrant.  The lupin seeds I collected on the side of the road last year have sprouted and I am beyond excited to give back to the insects of our world!


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A little painting of one of my favourite spring time flowers – Siberian Squill – painted for a friend
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Tomatoes growing up and up – we still have a month and a half before they can go outside! I can’t believe how quickly they are shooting up – so different than the past 2 years
A Vintage Owl Mug with a Tulsi basil plant as well as a few parsley plants
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Little Pine Tree ❤ I collected a few seeds last fall and am so happy one of them has burst into life!
Two more trays of seeds – displacing my work area and some old drawings I found from Botanical Art class back in 2010 (eep!) – I decided to spruce them up a big and still working on it 🙂
Little Seedlings – my babies
WORK SPACE MAGIC – It won’t be long before plants completely displace me 😛

A P R I L  P I C K S


I’m reading OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon and I can already say that it is fantastic.  A friend of mine suggested it when I told her I was watching the show and felt like it was made for us (plants, magic, Highlands of Scotland, yes please!). I stopped watching it immediately and started the book

I’m also reading through some Norwegian Folk Tales as well as our man, Ronald Hutton’s Witches, Druids and King Arthur.


Other than repeatedly watching Tales from the Green Valley, I’ve been listening to The Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood – about fringe topics.  He has an episode on PLANTS that I definitely suggest called “Earth Alchemy, Plant Spirits, & Engineered Abundance” with Shamangineer.  My sister suggested it to me and I am hooked.  It’s available both in his website and youtube.

Maybe I’ll reveal a part of myself I don’t tend to share on the internets but, I was thinking of making a compilation of books/videos/documentaries on modern fairy lore.  I’ll start with a really fun documentary that hits very close to home here on the East Coast  ❤  ❤ ❤



I’m working on a lopapeysa, of course! Hazel Heather and I’ll show you soon, I promise!


Quilt’s self titled album (on Google Music) and the birds that are singing a consistent tune.  I love slow, droning psychedelic guitars, need to start playing music again !!!

Other than that – I’ve been working outside and then coming in exhausted and ready to sleep zzzz.

B E   W E L L

Beach Girl ❤  Something I love about living on the East Coast – often the only people at the beach

Preparing Knits for Etsy

Hello Earthlings!

It is SO cold here on the Island.  With the wind chill, it is -29 C!  I’m currently sitting in the studio with the wind raging against this West facing (drafty) window. I’m wearing an angora rabbit wool sweater I found at the thrift store with a sheep’s wool over that. On the stove, rice and squash water is simmering away so the chickens can have a warm meal before I close them up in their coop for the rest of the day.  I even tried to take Henry for a walk but it was brutal, we walked until she did her business and then we ran back to the house!  My nose is chapped and I’m smothered in my calendula salve, such is life in a cold climate.

But for now, I am content with rosemary and frankincense in my diffuser, the music of Hildegard von Bingen floating throughout the house and a cup of black tea.  Petey’s made himself comfortable on my lap so I’m stuck here now!

I wanted to share with you my creative process of making listings for our knit items for our etsy shop!  We have many new items knit by myself, Meaghan and our Mom.  I am responsible for doing the photography, making the listings and shipping the items out so have the freedom to show you the process ❤

To welcome February and celebrate the turning of the wheel, we have 16 new items in the shop!  One Icelandic Sweater that I finished in January, 13 pairs of freshly knit fingerless mittens, a pair of soft double knit snowflake mittens in brown and ivory and lastly a decorative fairisle scarf.

Once this work is complete, Jamie and I take Henry out to the beach or the woods and do some photography for the items.  This weekend, the forecast is calling for absurdly cold temperatures for exposed fingers.  We might be having a stay in weekend with the exception of getting wood from the wood pile and checking on the hens.

Below are a few pictures I took of the indoor process.  I hope you enjoy!


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Walked home through the fields to our house, Ways of Wood Folk Home Base ❤
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A helper ❤
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Making Process – I chose to make several with an accent of pink
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rose with neutrals ❤ Soft knits
New Items to be handled  ❤
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Singer and Snowflake Mitts
Pangur Ban inspired fingerless mitts (knit by Meaghan)
Orange Pekoe and styling the sweater (way too much caffeine for me today!)
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SO many fingerless mitts! Meaghan made 8 pairs and I made 5
My photography studio ❤ (aka our bedroom and my favourite spot)
Bedroom details… a postcard from Iceland and thrift store mirror
My work space 😉 Too much tea so a giant jar of water
My Gunnar’s Daughter design, prepping for the shop posting
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Workspace ❤ and new sweater for the shop
After photographs are up, each item must be measured. It’s a cold day
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Desk Details ❤
measuring the sweater



Yuletide by the sea

Although, we didn’t even visit the sea.  At the highest point of our walk up the hill, you can see the Bay.  Along the drive, you follow the strait East.  At my family’s home, you are so close to the Atlantic Ocean, the sea birds fly overhead and you can smell the salt in the air.

We drove down on Christmas Eve from the Island, a 5 hour drive now that the ferry is closed for the season. We spend our Christmas at my family’s home in Nova Scotia with my family and animals. It goes by so quickly, but leaves me feeling so happy and full of love, even after the 5 hour drive home.  I find it such a beautiful drive that it doesn’t really seem like long.

Christmas at our house is full of treats, homemade meals, walks in nature and just sitting around, talking.  I didn’t even knit the whole time I was there, although others were knitting.  We ventured into the woods on Christmas afternoon to make some tea and have a fire.  My mom and I walked the dogs on boxing day to the fairy tree.  A massive maple tree that is alive but essentially hollow.  It has a door and you can stand in it.  I feel like it’s a gateway. I don’t really know how we discovered it, but have been paying it a visit at this time of year for 8 years now.

I could have included so many photographs.  Jamie gifted me with a new camera and I took MANY pictures.  However, it takes so long to upload them into WordPress so I chose ones that really spoke to me in some way.  I hope you enjoy them.

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Christmas in Nova Scotia
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Henry checking going to check out the barn
My Favourite lamb from the Creche
We asked the birch for just a little bit of bark – the rest we foraged from the snow clad earth
My Dad saved our fire from going out, isn’t it beautiful?
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Company has made the trek up to the woods
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Woodland Tea Preparations
A very lopi Christmas
Usnea everywhere, one of my favourite types of moss
My great Grandmother’s kettle put to good use in the outdoors
Before the storm, the walk back gnome from the woods
The handmade greenhouse looks nice in all kinds of weather ❤
Still green in the glass house
The deceiving Lapin
Beautiful illustrated book by Elsa Beskow from 1960
Christmas Carols…


Visit the fairy tree
gift from my mom
Henry of Wyeth
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Spot the beaming light
The Strait
My Favourite house in the East.  They have small bales of hay around the foundation of their home.  I wish I knew when it was built ❤
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Driving Home

Inking and Painting Yule Cards

Processed with VSCO
A wee elf inspired girl wearing a lopapeysa cape, heading out to check on the farm animals on a bright, winter’s night – cards available at Woodfolk Prints

The last of November, the foggy and rust strewn month. We have traded our ruddy November shades for the whites, greys, blacks and blues of winter.  Already, 2 storm fronts have guided us right through the wardrobe and we’re told to expect another tomorrow.  We luckily have a wood burning fireplace, several cords of wood and plenty of food.  I love winter in all it’s cold, bright glory.

Our house after the second major snowfall this morning
The woods were dangerous this morning, splitting trees and heavy falling snow prevailed

Anyway!  Over the course of November, I designed a couple of little Christmas/Yule time (whatever you fancy) cards to carry at December Markets as well as give to family and friends.  I wanted to share with you some of my drawings and the final products.  I love working with paper, it’s such a simple yet beautiful material (I took several book history classes in my Masters and yes, much of it was about paper ;).  I put a couple up for sale too on my paper shop.

Ultimately, I would love to print on handmade paper, but all in good time!  I have so many “I would like to…” in every area of my life, especially when it comes to making (and growing) but for the time being, this is what I have available.

What are these pieces inspired by?  I am inspired by SO much.  So many art movements, historical eras, design.  I love art and I love history.  These are inspired by mid-century Christmas card design, my backyard and closet, medieval tapestry and the woodcuts of one of my favourite artists, Albrecht  Dürer.  Mid-Century Norwegian Folktale books, fairy tales, medieval botanical woodcuts and I could keep going!  I would love to do some posts to concentrate on just one facet of something I love (for instance Irish Folk tales or Medieval woodcuts, etc.).

And for now, I am going to sit by the fire, drink chamomile and red raspberry leaf,  work on a custom knit sweater and listen to Mary Jane Lamond and Anonymous 4 ❤

Processed with VSCO
Practicing my favourite Rhode Island Reds
Not far now…
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Rough sketches, I think I might be a lopapeysa cape wearing elf wannabe
Processed with VSCO
Happy Elfling presenting Holly for the Holidays
Processed with VSCO
Grey and Blue winter girl checking on her animals


Processed with VSCO
Green Ink and my Durer Woodcut Book
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Scandinavian Inspired elf, available on
Processed with VSCO
Handmade cards with handmade ornaments
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
The beginning of the Flying Yule Reindeer
Processed with VSCO
Finding inspiration, guidance and a little confidence
Processed with VSCO
My work desk and a little colour added
Processed with VSCO
Medieval Tapestry inspired reindeer card 🙂
Medieval French Tapestry Inspiration
Christmas Wreath and Cabin on Brown Rustic Paper
My original illustration, made with my Mom in mind
Processed with VSCO
The latest mitts, a vintage Grimms recent Thrift find and a handmade card

And there you have it!  My latest artwork and cards all available on my Art Etsy Shop WoodFolk Prints (  Each card is blank inside and is stamped with one of my handcarved stamps on the back as well as on the fold of the envelope. I really hope you enjoy looking at these photographs of my work, it means a lot to me to hear any type of feedback when it comes to my creative world.

My walk this morning, 4 days later





November on the Island

It’s the end of daylight savings today.  Winter is at our doorstep and I am bracing myself for the coming dark months, for the cold and snow, fires, hot herbal teas picked and dried over the summer months and the melancholia that sometimes makes an appearance.  One of my old time ways to deal with the dramatic changes in weather and daylight is joining it outdoors.  We have always hiked year round witnessing the changing of the seasons, but I always feel as though it’s crucial in the late fall.

Jamie and I have been taking Henry regularly to trails around our house.  We live in the countryside on Prince Edward Island and have access to many beautifully wooded trails.  The countryside here is idyllic.  The rolling hills host 100 year old farms with trees that match the date of those old homes.  Horses, cows, sheep and goats graze peacefully and the ocean is never far.  The red of the Sugar Maples have all fallen but the tamaracks stand golden and the blueberry fields stretch scarlet.

Here are a few pictures of the walks we have taken this past week.  I hope you enjoy them and see the beauty in November ❤

The woods are going to sleep


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
An old logging trail in the woods
Henry waiting patiently for a treat


Something about old fence posts… 😀
Processed with VSCO
Tamarack and Spruce ❤
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
The Hedgerows by a trail down to the river we live near, it’s full of rosehips at the moment
Henry in her element
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
On our way to the trails, we took a different random country route for a little adventure and see many abandoned farms.
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Jamie took this photo of me on one of walks with all my Woolens, one of the best parts of Autumn
Walking down a red road to see the changing Tamaracks
Processed with VSCO
Wild blueberry fields forever

Away with the Faeries…

Hello out there Earthlings!

The darkness of October and the imminent Canadian winter has encouraged me to start a blog.  Here,  I hope to share small parts of my day living in the country, artwork and sketches, knitting and patterns, herbalism, our quest for self-sufficiency and last but not least, my love for tradition and folklore.

The name “Finfolk & Oak” stems from where my family and I live, by the sea and with the trees.  Moreover, the magical connotations of the finfolk or sea people of folklore and the majestic oak tree point to our love for the Otherworld.  I tend to walk through this life always thinking about things that arguably aren’t there…>.<

Watercolour and Ink Banner

Thank you so much for joining me, I hope this post finds you well!

Pen and Ink logo, drawn in the spring from our apple blossoms.